Software Development Section

IIT Roorkee, India

About SDSLabs

SDSLabs is a student group that constantly tries to innovate and foster technical activities in campus. Our members work in C++, Go, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, sometimes even delving into socket level programming.

We conduct lectures and workshops on all these topics and also conduct monthly competitions on our various self developed applications.

We are highly indebted to Redmine (project managment system), Gitolite (local git managament), Slack (team chat), Dropbox and Google Groups for our functioning.


With over 130,000 tracks by 11,000 artists and updating daily, Muzi is the one stop online music player for the IIT Roorkee intranet.

Muzi is a one page JS app with the backend written in PHP. Applications like Nano have been developed over this backend also.


Cerebro, a platform for hosting data hackathons exclusively in IITR developed by SDSLabs. It's challenges and competetions are maintained by members of SDSLabs and Data Science Group.

The backend stack is written in Laravel PHP framework and the frontend SPA client in ReactJS.

For more details, check out the blog post on Cerebro.


Rubeus is a 2D cross-platform game engine developed indigenously in SDSLabs. It derives its workflow from a lot of popular game engines and is specifically designed for new game developers.

It has been written completely in C++17 and broCLI, the CLI tool to create its games, is written in Golang.

Head on to the blog post for more details.

Study Portal

Study Portal is the knowledge hub of IIT Roorkee. Through Study Portal, anyone can share open courseware files, videos, presentations etc. Currently over 4,000 files have been shared across 500 courses and total downloads has crossed 80,000.

The tech stack includes Toro microframework and Handlebars.js for templating.

For more details, check out the blog post on Study Portal.


Erdős is an application for math geeks to try out new mathematical problems and keep track of who solves what. Named after one of the most prolific mathematician of all times, Paul Erdős, it is a portal for users to test their mettle on various mathematical problems, some of which may require users to write code.

Check out Erdős now.


Backdoor is a platform for computer security enthusiasts to show their talent in a competitive environment. After opening up for users outside of IIT Roorkee this year, this always online CTF (Capture the Flag) competition has quickly garnered over 2000 users worldwide.

Checkout Backdoor now.


Beast is a challenge deployment tool for our CTF platform Backdoor. It performs all the tasks from syncing the challenges with the production server to building the challenge images and setting up the xinetd service.

It's written in Golang and uses Docker for the purpose of containerization.

Check out the blog post for more info on Beast.

Code Village

Codevillage is an online judge with a core philosophy of improving the programming skills of the IITR junta. Several problems related to algorithms and programming are available here that anyone can try their hands on. Whether you are a young padawan or a jedi master, you’ll - find problems here suitable for your skills.


Echo provides you the book you need, whether you are on a leisure drive or under the crunch of an oncoming examination. This interactive search app lets you download the book you need from the millions in the collection using its lightning fast search relying on a massive collection of indexed books. Echo also allows you to view the book right in the browser and has category search, ratings etc. in its pack of goodies.

Brute DC

DC by SDSLabs aims to create a more visually pleasing interface over the generic DC++. While DC++ is required in some way to use the application, you, the user can view all content in a better way with proper design.

Browsing content becomes a magical experience without compromising information about the users who share content from their laptops.

Gaming Portal


Gaming portal is a place where games made by SDSLabs member and IITR student are hosted. Currently Enroute, Chess Wars, Curvy and Reflaxio are hosted.


Live is a live streaming app develop by SDSLabs, it streams sports matches and displays TV schedule when the matches will be hosted. People can vote on what they have to watch and based on the voting the channel is switched


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Omegle is an intranet application that comes alive around 2am when the campus internet begins. Omegle allows people to chat anonymously.

Omegle has been built in Node.js and employs for real time communication

File Panda

File Panda is the intranet repository of free and open source applications. It is a self updating application which ensure that it always has the latest version of each software.

File Panda has been developed in PHP and uses the Limonade microframework.


5 Sennheisers
3 Skullcandy
1 Oculus Rift
4 VR Headsets
1 Chromecast
2 iPads
2 MacBook Pro
2 System 76 Ubuntu laptops
2 Wacom Graphic Tablets
1 Intuos Manga Graphic Tablet
2 Raspberry Pi
2 Kindle
2 Dell PowerEdge Servers
16 External Monitor
1 42' LCD TV
3 Dribbble Accounts
47 Public Repositories on GitHub
65% Non Vegetarians
75% Teetotallers
40% CS undergrad members vs 60% non CS (all time)

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